Benefits of consume first cold pressed olive oil

Apr 23 2014

When we talk about first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil we are not talking about any simply kind of oil, but the healthier olive oil we can find in the market. This oil is extracted at temperatures below 27 º C, which does not produce physicochemical changes and makes it keep all the vitamins. The lower temperature, the best quality is has, as its acidity, which should not exceed 0.5 degrees.

A small review into oil harvesting methods

Mar 12 2014

During the season of olive gathering methods for collecting it are different.  The oil quality is affected by the type of gather. In this post we are going to explain the types of gathering bellow.

Olive oil: beauty tips

Feb 19 2014

Don olé staff are  genuine lovers of good olive oil: for health or beauty. Below you will find some beauty tips related to olive oil and how you can benefit from them. Did you know about the benefits for skin? Pay atention:

Don Olé supports people who are fighting against cancer

Feb 04 2014

Today , February 4 , International day against cancer,  Don Olé wants to support all those people struggling with this disease.   It is for this reason that we want to leave our blog some odd facts about the benefits of oil, recently discovered in olive cancer treatment . These are the reasons why Don Olé from today , we invite you to take a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil extra virgin .