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A small review into oil harvesting methods

A small review into oil harvesting methods

During the season of olive gathering methods for collecting it are different.  The oil quality is affected by the type of gather. In this post we are going to explain the types of gathering bellow.

The gathered by milking is used for gourmet olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or higher quality. This method has been used since ancient times and consists of hand picking directly from the tree one by one. Ladders are used to climb up into the trees to reach the olive. Olives are transported after being collected to the mill on a trailer. Nets or baskets are also needed.

The second technique consists on shaking the boughs or the whole tree with specific machines. Is not the best system for collecting and it can be used only with one foot trees.  

The third method is the shaking, an old technique based in shake olive branches with a stick in a certain way. Nowadays the rods are made of fiberglass and are between 1 and 4 meters. This method uses a device called an oli-net that wraps around the tree trunk and opens to form an umbrella-like catcher from which workers collect the fruit. Some people reject this method because it is considered harmful to the tree.

The last method is the direct picking of the olive once it has reached the maturity and it has fallen down naturally from the tree. Specific machines are used depending on the type of ground.