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Benefits of consume first cold pressed olive oil

Benefits of consume first cold pressed olive oil

When we talk about first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil we are not talking about any simply kind of oil, but the healthier olive oil we can find in the market. This oil is extracted at temperatures below 27 º C, which does not produce physicochemical changes and makes it keep all the vitamins. The lower temperature, the best quality is has, as its acidity, which should not exceed 0.5 degrees.

First cold pressed evoo is essential for the bowel’s proper function thanks to the content of vitamin F. This evoo also helps to assimilate A, D and K vitamins, which are rich in fatty acids that the body can’t produce; it is an important source of antioxidants, essential for the liver; is rich in vitamin E for our dry or damaged skin and it has high level of phytosterols.

This oil is obtained by mechanical pressure of the olives, grains or seeds which are subsequently decanted and filtered. Through this process our extra virgin olive oil received the maximum quality.

Don Olé is a direct producer extra virgin olive oil company without intermediaries, from the olive tree to your table!