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DO of olive oil : What is it?

DO of olive oil : What is it?

We have read often about  the denomination of olive oil, but do you really know what is it?. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment od Spain : ” The protected designations of origin (PDO ) is the system used for the recognition of a distinct quality characteristics result , due to the geographical environment, the way products are  produced and made , and the influence of the human factor involved in  ”

One of the best areas for olive´s picking is Adamuz, situated in Córdoba, in the south of Spain. In this area comes from one of our varieties of olive oils.  Oils Extra Virgin Olive PDO Montoro- Adamuz are a Natural Health Source , thanks to its high content of polyphenols, natural antioxidant , very beneficial to health :

The amount of natural polyphenol of our olive oil is a  source of health, thanks to its high levels of oleic acid and its vitamin E.

Importance of Denomination

It is increasingly important to the denomination of origin of olive oil, even more  For the first time, EE:UU. will invest 5 M to ensure the authenticity of olive oil  to unify and validate analytical methods and quality parameters to prevent tampering and to verify the quality of olive oil based on new technological.