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Don Olé supports people who are fighting against cancer

Don Olé supports people who are fighting against cancer

Today , 4th february , International day against cancer,  Don Olé wants to support all those people struggling with this disease.

It is for this reason that we want to leave our blog some odd facts about the benefits of oil, recently discovered in olive cancer treatment . These are the reasons why Don Olé from today , we invite you to take a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil extra virgin .

Nanocapsules against cancer cells

Recent studies by the University of Granada and Malaga reveal the existence of ” nanostructures ” . “Nanostructures” act against cancer cells constructed with biocompatible materials such as olive oil. One advantage of these is that by including in the composition a nucleus of olive oil, the human body doesn´t reject them .

By the other hand,, the Multidisplinar Group for the Study of Breast Cancer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona says: taking extra virgin olive oil reduces breast cancer malignancy and slows the growth of tumors. The research, which has had the collaboration of the Interprofessional Olive Oil , pretended to know what concrete effects of the consumption of different types of oils , ensuring that the tumors in individuals fed diets with olive oil are less malignant .