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What should i do when olive oil is turbid?

What should i do when olive oil is turbid?

For olive lovers like us, we appreciate the qualities of a good olive oil 100% natural. You may have  wondered what happens when olive oil is packed  and it seems turbid. After controversy with the alteration of olive oil, or distribution, most of them in poor condition, many of you mistrust when you see your olive oil is not “clean.” This feature is mainly given by the filtering process.

Should i take it?

Definitely, YES. The filtering process makes olive oil has a more crystalline appearance, without this essential characteristics are affected. However, you will choose. the flavor and taste of this kind of olive oil is more intense and natural. Many of olive lovers dont´t like it…

Best season to enjoy it

Don Olé advices you to take during the first picking of olive, over time olive oil will settle and the quality will suffer.

We invite you to enjoy our own, you will like it!

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